Founders, David A. Doyle and Matthew P. Moscati, AIA, LEED AP, offer over 60 years of collective architecture and design experience. Each of our staff members brings unique experience and skills to the project team. At TRM, we are building on a rich history and knowledge base which brings a level of quality superior to our peers.

TRM was originally founded by the late Thomas R. Moscati in 1977 with a broad spectrum of civic, commercial and education clients. The predecessor company formed an excellent foundation for his longtime friend and employee, David A. Doyle and son, Matthew P. Moscati, to continue his legacy in providing excellent service and a client-centered focus. Similar to Dave Doyle, Tom was a natural leader, as well as a Veteran with a hard work ethic and strong values. Matt and Dave continue his legacy with TRM Design & Planning, and narrow its focus to provide greater value to our government and institutional clients. The firm has secured various government contracts over recent years and provided for well-managed growth. Matt and Dave, having been in the field for a significant time, have acquired talented individuals to perform key technical and support roles throughout the firm while still remaining hands on in operations and project designs. Their most recent hire, Robert C. Moscati, is a retired U.S. Department of Justice Prosecutor and U.S. Army Colonel, having served 32 years in the Reserves, with 8 years on active duty, including a combat tour in Iraq. Rob brings considerable familiarity with government agencies and contracts, particularly in the National Capital region and across the Southeast. He will serve as the Chief Development Officer of TRM Design & Planning.

"TRM's services to us have been client centered, they have met all of our needs in a flexible and professional manner. Our relationship with TRM represents the best in business relationships where such terms as service, quality, accountability, honesty, caring, and friendship really do have a meaning."

Daniel R. Killian
Former Library Director
North Tonawanda Public Library