Choose TRM for our commitment to quality, time and cost effective solutions through our:


We specialize in Federal, State and Institutional work. Our expertise means we understand common processes, procedures and standards endemic to federal, state and institutional clients. Accordingly, we can deliver high quality service, thus saving our client's time.


You are working with the same approachable staff members from the onset of a project through completion. This continuity ensures that project knowledge is maintained through the process of the project and produces higher quality solutions in an efficient, timely manner. Everyone working on the project during each stage is already familiar with any unique considerations that have shaped the project to that point.


We have a diversified core project staff that excels in various disciplines, to include: project design, technical ability, sustainability measures, and historic preservation / rehabilitation. Senior staff work with the studios staff to develop innovative design solutions.


At a medium sized firm like TRM, you experience the advantages of hands-on, personalized communication and problem solving with the experience that comes from having a large, national client base. Our extensive term contract experience proves our ability to juggle multiple concurrent projects on fast track schedules.


We utilize state-of-the-art software to streamline processes. We use Building Information Modeling and continually train staff members in its use. Its use in coordinating and automating schedules with drawing elements and detecting conflicts helps in coordination efforts, time reduction, and better quality control in design, translating to faster construction schedules with less questions and conflicts in the field. All of this leads to a more cost-effective project.


Our staff are continually learning and adding to our existing knowledge base. We understand that education is a continual process in the fast-paced design field. We provide a variety of continuing education opportunities for staff to improve upon facets integral to our market segments. We provide staff opportunities to attend seminars/certifications for applicable areas like NFPA 101 code seminars. All staff attends in-house training on software, code standards and changes, and quality control measures.


Our staff includes LEED accredited professionals and we have a track record with LEED certified projects. While executive orders now mandate the use of energy saving measures across many state and federal facilities, sustainable measures can also lead to greater operational savings through energy efficiency and waste reduction while also leading to greater user comfort. We help clients achieve LEED certification goals, attain cost reductions through utility incentive programs, incorporate Energy Star efficiency measures, and meet their efficiency and environmental responsibility objectives.


From tracking long lead time items to updating an open item log, our staff has developed procedures and standards to track schedules and keep projects on track.


As a client, you want to know what something is going to cost as early as possible and you want the most quality delivered at the least expense. We find it imperative to view value engineering as a continual process rather than a final step. Cost estimates are updated at each phase and communication of any cost impacts are brought to the client's attention with potential options and recommended solutions. In addition to in-house staff members, we have developed decades-long relationships with professional cost estimators focused on the same specialized market segments. We work with our clients to analyze short-term cost savings versus long-term operational efficiencies, and prioritize our client's project goals and budget.


The best architecture and design really comes down to problem solving. We see our primary role as taking a client's vision and needs, identifying all inherent problems or challenges, and developing innovative, cost-efficient, enduring and sustainable solutions which meet and exceed the client's expectations. Whether it be working through a unique flashing detail, coming up with a signature facade rainscreen system design, or determining the solution that most efficiently provides for patient care, each decision, small or large, has meaningful implications.

"While producing a consistent level of high quality work, TRM can be relied on to meet even the most challenging expectations"

-Manager of Special Projects
Tops Markets LLC